Password Protect Directories in Plesk with your Dedicated / Cloud Server

Log into Plesk control panel on your dedicated or cloud server.

  1. Select Domains on the left side navigation panel. On the corresponding page, click Control Panel next to the domain in question. This will open the user side of Plesk as the site owner.
  2. Choose Websites and Domains in the top navigation bar.
  3. Once there, click Show Advanced Operations.
  4. Choose Password-protected Directories.
  5. Select Add Protected Directory. Enter in the directory name, location and title of the protected directory and click OK.
  6. Once the directory is added, select the directory. This will allow you to set a user and password to access the directory.
  7. Click Add New User and enter in the username, secure password, and then confirm the password, and click OK.


The directory is now secured and when viewed in a browser, a password prompt will appear and will only allow those users with access to view the contents of the directory

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