Big Data Solutions

Business Intelligence Requires Big Data Solutions


Unmatched for its size and power, Cassandra offers low latency, extreme scalability, and fault-tolerance.

DataStax Enterprise

Enterprise-class NoSQL database based on Cassandra which is fault-tolerant, extremely scalable, and perfect for Big Data.


Hadoop is an open source software that enables distributed processing of large data sets across clusters of commodity servers.


When you need random, realtime read/write access to your Big Data, HBase is designed to handle billions of rows X millions of columns.


MongoDB is the most popular NoSQL database offering extreme scalability through sharding and high-avialability through replica sets.


Riak is a NoSQL key-value data store that offers high-availability, fault-tolerance, operational simplicity, and scalability.

Just Need A Big Data Cloud Server?

InetServices offers extreme performance-packed big data cloud servers with full administrator and root access. All our big data cloud servers come with dedicated SSD storage for maximum IOPS and unmetered bandwidth to handle any extreme database processing requirement.

SSD Cloud Servers

Server CPU Cores/Speed RAM SSD Disk Monthly

Big.Data.1 24 Cores - 2.6GHz 96GB DDR3 RAM 720GB SSD $796.00 Configure

Big.Data.2 32 Cores - 2.6GHz 128GB DDR3 RAM 1200GB SSD $1086.00 Configure

Big.Data.3 40 Cores - 2.5GHz 256GB DDR3 RAM 1920GB SSD $1723.00 Configure

Are You Ready For A Better Cloud?

Extreme SSD Performance. The most IOPS in the industry.