DataStax Enterprise

Business Intelligence Requires Big Data Solutions
DataStax Enterprise is an enterprise-class NoSQL database based on Apache Cassandra which is fault-tolerant, extremely scalable, and perfect for Big Data environments. InetServices makes deploying a DataStax cluster simple whether you need a free Proof-of-Concept (POC) trial or a full blown production environment.

All environments include the following:

Cassandra DataStax Enterprise Distribution

  • DataStax Enterprise Database
  • DataStax OpsCenter
  • CQL v3
  • Clqsh

  • Let InetServices focus on your infrastructure so you can focus on your business of collecting, storing, and analyzing huge volumes of data.

    DataStax Enterprise 14-Day FREE Trial POC

    Servers CPU vCores RAM Disk Monthly

    (3) DataStax Nodes 8 vCores 8GB RAM 320GB SSD FREE 14-Days Get Started

    DataStax Enterprise Production Environment

    Servers CPU vCores RAM Disk Monthly

    (5) DataStax Nodes 16 vCores 32GB RAM 640GB SSD $4270.00 Get Started

    (5) DataStax Nodes 32 vCores 64GB RAM 640GB SSD $5950.00 Get Started

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