Email Archive Service

For Secure Email Archiving and Retrieval

Never Lose Another Important Email Again.

Email Archive Service
InetServices' Email Archive Service gives you the extra level of security by archiving all email as soon as it is received or sent you are guaranteed that all your company's emails are archived.

Protect your company's valuable data assets from either accidental or malicious user deletion or PST corruption. So even after emails are deleted from users local mailboxes, the emails are still archived, searchable, and recoverable.

InetServices Email Archive Service comes standard with automatic off-site data backup to guarantee that your emails will always be safe. In the event of a natural or catastrophic disaster, our Disaster Recovery Archiving will give you instant access to the off-site emails so that there is never a time you would be without your archived emails.

Service Highlights

Secure Archiving
All emails are stored using AES-256 encryption in physically and logically secure data centers. SSL or Site-to-Site VPN access protects the email data while in transit.

Easy Accessibility
You can access your archived email from any web browser or integrate it into Microsoft Outlook for seamless access.

Comprehensive Search
Extremely fast full-text searching for emails and all types of file attachments. Search includes Subject Line, Message Body, Attachment File Name, Attachment Contents, and Sender/Recipient.

24/7 Support
InetServices support experts are available 24/7/365.

Email Archive Service
$2.50/month per Mailbox
$0 Setup
Disaster Recovery Archiving
$1.25/month per Mailbox
$0 Setup
Data Migration - Import Legacy Emails
$4.00 per GB
$0 Setup
Site-to-Site VPN
$50.00 per Month
$0 Setup

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